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Perfect temperatures, excellent services and natural beauty has made Tenerife one of the most desirable destinations in the world. It has becomes one of the biggest reference points in the luxury hotels industry due to the opening of more and more exclusive hotels and restaurants.  From the classic 5 star restaurants to premium ones, there’s no stopping Tenerife.


Tenerife, an island that stretches across 2.034 km2, is worth getting lost in, without wearing a watch or following a specific course of direction. The island has been the  long standing touristic capital of the Canary Islands as well practically all Southern Europe. This volcanic island has conserved all its natural beauty that is envied by most and adored by many.


Its proximity to everything, the humbleness of its people and their hospitality makes this destination all the more exclusive, different and desirable to those looking for something more authentic, earthy and natural in their destination away from places where staff occupy high senior positions and work in labor frenzy and pressurised environments.


Everyone turns to Tenerife, going against the grain with the desire to give wings to their imagination, allowing themselves peace of body & mind and enjoying moments in their entirety as well-deserved. For them, the island has grown in quality and not quantity. Its best hotels have grown in services, offering more quality and more choice.


A luxury hotel in Costa Adeje, Tenerife can be different in many ways:  a classic hotel for guests who simply just want to enjoy the destination, a childrens hotel, an adults-only hotel or an innovative 5 star hotel for families which has everything and doesn’t exclude anything.


These are different models that are based on providing the best possible service whilst always remembering to honor the setting in which they are located. This makes is so that it’s not just Costa Adeje that is the main reference point for the luxury tourism industry, but all the beach zones in the south of Tenerife, more so than any in other place in Europe. Santa Cruz, the capital, has learnt from past times and has made huge steps in recuperating over the last few years.


New cultural and touristic routes; an increasing number of better luxury hotels, the arrival of exclusive shopping centres with premium standard international boutique stores and, above all else, a new take on exquisite gastronomy.


  • The Teide National park is the second most visited park in the world.
  • 60% of the economy in Tenerife comes from tourism.
  • 15% of revenue is due to luxury tourism.
  • The percentage of business that relies on tourism in Tenerife is 540 million.
  • There are around 30 hotels with the highest ratings in Tenerife.
  • Costa Adeje, Los Cristianos and Playa de la Américas account for 65% of hotels’ locations.
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