Say Australia and you would be filled with visuals of exotic locations that you must have seen on TV, virtual media or magazines. The beautiful beaches, wild life sanctuaries and various tourist destinations flash in your mind. Such is the beauty and charm of Australia. Therefore, people from various parts of the world often travel to Australia to vacation. Though it is one of the most often visited place, for people who are planning to travel to Australia for the first time, here are some of the pros and cons of being at Australia:



  1. Bliss for water lovers: As we all know, Australia is a huge island that is surrounded by water from all sides. Therefore, it’s a perfect destination for beach lovers and for people who love water sports. From snorkeling, sailing, swimming and more, one can do anything and everything. For beach lovers, Australia is the best place to freak out and rejuvenate.
  2. Nature all around: With all its modern outlook, Australia still holds its natural beauty in abundance and people who love nature can blindly choose Australia to relax and get peace from the busy city life.
  3. City life: For youngsters who love to have a pacey vacation with some theatre, gambling and more, there are nearly 80 cities in Australia that give many recreational avenues to youngsters.
  4. Lovely people: Aussies are known for hospitality and warmth. SO, even if you are travelling to Australia for the first time, you need not feel alone as the people are welcoming and loving.

Having said that, as every coin has two sides, there are some cons to travelling to Australia:

  1. Long journey: The flights connecting Australia are for long hours and people who hate long travel hours would be bored
  2. Hot climate: unlike places like Switzerland and other popular holiday destinations, Australia has a reasonably hot climate and intense sun. So, for people who are looking to relax with a soothing climate, Australia is not the place.
  3. Expensive affair: Though these days there are many offers and schemes to vacation in Australia, it is a reasonably expensive place. Therefore, people who don’t mind going little overboard on their pockets, Australia is the place.

Once weighing the pros and cons you have decided to visit Australia, the next thing to do is apply for visa Australia. There were days when getting a visa was tough but over time, as all countries are encouraging tourism, getting visa Australia is easy too. Making it further easy, is the introduction of Australia ETA i.e. Electronic Travel Authentication that helps you get a short term 3 months visa to Australia wherein one can travel from any part of the world into Australia, go around the country, travel to different country from Australia and return back. Thus, visa Australia ETA has proven to be definitely a bliss for travelers to Australia either for vacationing or education. Thus, with all these facilities, your travel to Australia is not far away.

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