Scuba diving is very fascinating as it unfolds a lot of secrets hidden underwater. During scuba diving especially deep down the sea, you come across different types of fishes, snakes, coral reefs, under water plants and many unknown life forms which are yet to be discovered. Scuba diving is done for recreational purpose or for scientific and military research including public safety.

To go scuba diving, you require a minimum level of fitness depending on application. Before going to scuba diving especially if it is the first time for you, make sure that your oxygen mask is in proper condition and there are people around to help you in emergency. Keep in mind that the underwater environment is dangerous and you have to be extremely alert.Avoid shark infested areas and always be in the company of three or four people. Many accidents have taken place because of negligence and want of thrill and adventure. Always keep in mind that safety comes first and then all your fun and adventure.

Scuba diving for recreational purposes is growing fast and scuba diving has become a favourite pastime for many. Many scuba clubs have sprung in the recent times which provides a live aboardservice for divers who are interested in liveaboard diving.  In live aboard diving, the diver gets a chance to be onboard for a night or two and get to know the underwater world better as you can swim to more distant diversities unlike the normal scuba diving where you spend  just a few hours underwater. Usually a liveaboard can carry a maximum of thirty passengers and the material of construction of carrier boats varies from place to place.

Usually these boats are made from fibber and steel but in places like Indonesia and neighbouring countries liveaboards are made up of teak. Remember to inspect the carrier boat to make sure it is in good condition and chose a dive club of good reputation so that you are in safe hands. That’s all from my side for now, happy scuba diving! Who knows you may end up discovering a new world underwater.

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